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Christmas Desserts & Snacks: Brownie Parfait

A coworker brought these in for our Christmas party last year. Delicious! And so easy to make too!

1 pan of Brownies (your own recipe or boxed deal)
1 tub of Cool Whip
Red and green food coloring
Candy canes

Makes brownies as instructed (either via recipe or instructions on box).

While the brownies are cooking, get out the Cool Whip and divide into thirds. (We found that using Cool Whip works much better than the canned Redi Whip.) In one-third, add green food coloring and stir together; in another third, add red food coloring; and the last third, leave white. Add enough food coloring to get your desired color. Refrigerate.

Once the brownies are done, pull from the oven and using a fork, create brownie crumbles.

Select a wine glass, goblet, parfait dish, or whatever you want to use as the show-piece for your dessert.

First add a layer of brownie crumbles, then a layer of green Cool Whip, a layer of brownie crumbles, a layer of white Cool Whip, a layer of brownie crumbles, and finally a layer of red Cool Whip. Top with a candy cane or two and serve.

We found that it was best to either serve the dish right away, or refrigerate until serving time.

Do you have a Christmas dessert or snack that you favor?

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SassyCassie said...

I bet that tastes delicious!