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Behind The Idea

Welcome to “What’s For Dinner”.

This idea was borne from four sisters who were getting tired of trying to maintain and update our own personal cookbooks. Even those of us who are domestically challenged still wanted to try out new recipes and even had a few new recipes to share, but never have the time to write out the recipes for future use. Yes, some of us are a little lazy that way.

When Courtney posted a request for crock pot recipes on her personal blog, she was given quite a few recipes, some of which the rest of us were eager to try. The internet is very helpful like that. But again, none of us have the time to sit down and write these new recipes into our cookbooks.

So the brainstorming began…

We dreamed of a place to keep all our recipes in one spot; a place that we could easily access old and new recipes; a virtual, online place. Thus the idea for “What’s For Dinner” was born.

Our main goal for this site is maintain our family recipes and, with any luck, add some new ones along the way. Our hope is that others will benefit from this site as well, navigating through some of our family standbys and adding some variety to your dinner table too. We’d love to hear about some of your family favorites, so please share with us.

We have tried to make this site as user-friendly as possible, but we are always open to new ideas or feedback that will help make it easier for all of us to use. There are plans to host recipe exchanges in the future, including an upcoming holiday theme.

In the mean time, pull up a chair and start browsing. We hope that “What’s For Dinner” will be as beneficial to you, as it is for us.

1 comment:

Allison said...

Just stumbled across your blog & grabbed your button! Some days I'm just struggling for meal ideas & I love how user-friendly your blog is. Nice work, girls!