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Herb de Provence Chicken

1 roasting chicking, approximately 5-6 lbs
2-3 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
3 tbsp Herb de Provence
1 onion, chopped
1 cup chicken broth
1 tbsp butter
1 cup white cooking wine

Rinse chicken, pat dry. Rub chicken with olive oil. Season with Herb de Provence, salt, and pepper.

Place chopped onion in bird cavity and around the bird.

Place in roasting pan. Pour chicken broth in pan. Cover with foil.

Cook chicken at 350-degrees for one hour.

Remove foil, let chicken brown for another hour.

Place chicken on platter.

Save the drippings in the pan over the stove. Heat the drippings and add white cooking wine. Stir to make sauce; then simmer for five minutes to thicken.

Turn off heat, add butter to sauce.

Carve chicken, cover with sauce. Serve.

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